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What do statistics above the list of accounts mean?
What do statistics above the list of accounts mean?

Learn what we mean by Net Worth, Liabilities, Cash and Today values.

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You might have noticed that above your list of accounts there are some values. This guide explains how we calculate them and what they mean.

Net Worth

This is the sum of all your assets. It includes balances of all accounts (banking, credit cards, cash, loans, investment, etc), whether positive or negative. If you were to liquidate all your non-cash assets, this is what you'd have in hand.

Remember that any limits you might have on your credit cards do not count towards your Net Worth as this money is not yours.


This is the sum of what you owe to others. This includes any negative balances of all accounts, including spent credit card limits or negative mortgage balances.


That's the good, old cash you have. This figure includes all positive balances of any cash-based accounts. So it does include positive balance of accounts such as banking, cash, savings but does not include available credit card limit.

It does not include any money invested in holdings, stocks, etc. However, it does include cash value in your investment accounts.


This is a summary of your money movement with today's date. It includes all types of transactions (expenses, incomes, refunds, adjust balances, trades, as well as profits and losses on your holdings for today, etc.). If it's positive -- you've earned money today! If it's negative, you've lost some money today. If it's zero, it means that your inflow and outflow for the day was equal (or there was no money movement).

One thing to note is that this calculation will also include transfers to other accounts if that other account is not included in Net Worth.

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