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How to show transfers in reports?
How to show transfers in reports?

See how your money moves among your accounts.

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All category, payee and tag-based reports can be generated for "Transfers" option as well. You'll find that option next to listed categories, payees or tags, respectively.

There are few important things to note:

  • transfer will not appear in the report if both "From" and "To" accounts are included in the report,

  • if you generate an income-based report, you'll only see the incoming parts of the transfer (coming from accounts not included in the report). Vice-versa for expense-based reports,

  • that being said, even if both accounts are included in the report but those accounts are in different currencies (and so the transfer is multi-currency), then MoneyWiz will calculate gain/loss from currency exchanges and also list this under the "Transfers" label,

  • since transfers to loan accounts have category assignments of expense categories, both sides of this type of transfer will be included in the expense category report only.

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