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Restoring from a database backup
Restoring from a database backup

If you have a database backup you wish to restore, please check this article.

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Solutions presented in this article apply to MoneyWiz 2024 only. If you're using MoneyWiz 1, MoneyWiz 2 or MoneyWiz 3, please see this article instead for Mac and this article for Windows.

If you have made a manual backup of your database before, you can easily restore it to MoneyWiz now. Read on to learn how. Some steps are optional - depending on whether you're using our sync service to sync your data or not.

  1. Only if you are using MoneyWiz Cloud / SYNCbits - skip if you don't: Turn on Airplane mode (or unplug Ethernet cable or disable WiFi) on your device to prevent MoneyWiz from connecting to the Internet.

  2. Replace the database file: go to Settings > Database & Export > Replace database and select the file from internal storage.

  3. Once MoneyWiz applies the database, completely quit MoneyWiz and start it again.

  4. You should now see your restored data. If you don't use MoneyWiz Cloud / SYNCbits, that's all you need to do. If you do use our syncing service, please read on.

  5. De-sync your database as explained in this guide (second section, the part about de-sync).

  6. Your database is now disconnected from your sync account. If you wish to leave it this way (your data will no longer be uploaded to SYNCbits servers), that's all you need to do. If you do want to continue using sync, please read on.

  7. It's now safe to disable Airplane mode/reconnect with the Internet. Write an e-mail to us pointing to this article and confirm that you have completed all 7 steps and wish for your sync account to be deleted.

  8. Once we write back that it's done, please go back to the sync section of Settings and select Sign Up, then fill out the form. If you are using MoneyWiz on other devices as well, it's critical that you completely reinstall MoneyWiz on those other devices.

Steps 6-9 are required as if you were to disable Airplane mode off before de-syncing, MoneyWiz would simply sync newer data from MoneyWiz Cloud / SYNCbits.

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