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How to change MoneyWiz Cloud e-mail or login?
How to change MoneyWiz Cloud e-mail or login?

If you are cancelling your e-mail account, remember to also change your MoneyWiz Cloud login!

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The e-mail you use with MoneyWiz Cloud is also your login. It's important to keep this e-mail active as we sometimes might need to send you some important information regarding your account. In this guide, we share how it can be changed. Please follow this guide to make sure you do it properly and don't experience any sync issues in the process.

  1. Make a backup of your database on at least one device where you see all your proper data. This is important to do, in case you had a sync issue without realizing it. If you have that backup we'll be able to restore from it. If you are actively using MoneyWiz on multiple devices and they all seem to be in perfect sync, then chances are you don't need a backup but we still advise you to do one, just in case.

  2. Close MoneyWiz on all devices.

  3. Log into the MoneyWiz Cloud by SYNCbits portal at with your current sync email and password

  4. Click the "Change e-mail" button and then enter your new e-mail address and existing sync password, as shown below.

  5. Verify that the email change was successful. Look at the top right corner where it shows your email. If you see your new email there, everything went well. If you still see your old email please contact us at [email protected] for assistance.

  6. Once that is done, it is extremely important to completely remove your MoneyWiz database file from all devices and download fresh data from MoneyWiz Cloud. Signing out and back in is not sufficient! If you do not do this, bad things might happen!

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