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How to create split transactions?
How to create split transactions?

Split transactions allow you to split the amount among different categories and/or accounts.

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Split transactions allow you to split the amount among different categories and/or accounts. Please note that advanced split feature - where you can split the amount among different transaction types (e.g. paycheck where you have an income and tax deductions) is not yet supported but we're working on bringing this feature to MoneyWiz.

Splitting transactions among different categories

To begin, either start creating new transaction or modify an existing one. On an iPhone, in the Categories field you'll see two buttons: Single and Split. Select Split to be able to select more than one category. On iPad and Mac, this feature is handled differently in order to allow easy transaction creation using just your keyboard:

  • when creating a transaction, there's just one category field -- it defaults to the split behavior so just keep selecting the categories you need to include in the split,

  • when editing a transaction, there are two buttons: one representing single category selection (shown as the current category selection) and a separate Split button, allowing you to split a transaction after it has been created.

Once all categories are selected, fill out the remaining details of the transaction and proceed. You'll be asked to assign specific amounts to each split.

The sliders on the left allow you to change the amounts (without detailed control). To control the amounts precisely, type them in the amount boxes. Once you modify an amount, the padlock icon on the right will change to red, signaling that the amount is now locked - it won't be modified again as you're changing the amounts of other splits. You can always unlock it by clicking on the padlock icon but this might cause the current amount to be lost.

If needed, you can also change the total amount without going back using the box on top.

Splitting transactions among different accounts

You can also split transactions among different accounts. When creating a transaction, just click on the accounts field and tick the check box to split transactions in multiple accounts. You can then select more than one account.

Additional notes:

  • It is not currently possible to split transactions among expense and income categories at the same time.

  • It is not currently possible to split transactions among different payees or tags.

  • When splitting transactions among different accounts and categories at the same time, you cannot decide which part of the category split goes to which account. You simply split the amounts between the accounts and categories separately.

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