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Please note that our version numbering convention is the following: YEAR.WEEK-NUMBER.MINOR, meaning that by looking at the version number, you can get a rough idea when it was released. The minor number will usually be 1, unless we have to release more than one update on the same week.

The most recent update is at the top of the page. You might also find the following useful:


  • Ability to select "No tag" as a filter option for budgets

  • Increased font in Breakdown reports

  • Ability to sort the compare budgets report by amounts or alphabetically

  • Bug fixes


  • In All Transactions view, transactions made in a currency different than the main/local currency will show the original currency of the transaction.

  • When browsing reports that include transactions from archived accounts, such transactions will be marked by a small "archive" icon, so you can easily tell them apart.

  • Bug fixes


  • Bug fixes


  • Bug fixes related to reports & PIN


  • Fixed a bug that resulted in historical stock prices not being cached properly


  • Ability to split transactions made in a currency different than the account's currency

  • Renamed MoneyWiz 2023 to MoneyWiz 2024

  • Bug fixes


  • Ability to merge payees (especially useful with OB!)

  • Bug fixes


  • Improvements to reports, online banking and QIF imports

  • Bug fixes


  • Ability to add notes & attachments to buy/sell/exchange transactions

  • Support for linking crypto exchanges via Plaid

  • Bug fixes


  • Bug fixes


  • Bug fixes


  • Bug fixes


  • Bug fixes


  • Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue with investment accounts not showing proper # of shares

  • New Plaid integration


  • Bug fixes

  • Preparation for Setapp distribution


  • Ability to include archived accounts in reports

  • Ability to select Payee when creating a transaction via the MoneyWiz Apple Watch app

  • Removed BillShark integration

  • Beginning of sunset for Yodlee. Existing connections will work until 31 Dec 2023, but no new bank connections can be made via Yodlee

  • Lots of bug fixes


  • Bug fixes


  • See list of transactions/balance for a group of budgets (the 'eye' button on the right side of budget groups)

  • Ability to select Payee when creating a transaction via the Apple Watch app

  • Ability to change the category of transactions when working via the Budgets section - you can now choose any category even if it's not one of the categories monitored by the budget.

  • MoneyWiz 2022 is now renamed to MoneyWiz 2023


  • Bug fixes & improvements to Apple Watch app


  • Bug fixes & improvements to Apple Watch app


  • Apple Watch App - we're happy to introduce our Apple Watch App v1. Based on future feedback we'll update it with more features & improvements. You can use the Apple Watch app to quickly check account balances, budget balances, upcoming transactions as well as pay/skip upcoming transactions and enter new transactions manually. Some limitations apply (no splits, no multi-currency etc)

  • Investment Holding Icons - you can now edit an investment holding to set your own custom icon.

  • Lots of small improvements & bug fixes


  • Various bug fixes & small improvements


  • Bug fixes


  • Ability to set custom exchange rates for fiat currencies

  • Bug fixes


  • Reports will now automatically generate with default settings when you select a report. You can then quickly change the time period or chart type (if applicable) within the report screen, or tap "More" to access all report settings.

  • The new transaction window is now resizable and movable (iPad/macOS). MoneyWiz will also remember its last position & size and reuse it next time you open that screen.

  • Ability to select multiple transactions in table view mode (iPad/macOS), with added right click button actions

  • Split transactions will now be exported as multiple separate transactions (when exporting to CSV)

  • Ability to share an image with MoneyWiz. MoneyWiz should now appear in the list of apps you can share images with. If you share an image with MoneyWiz, it will open the new transaction screen, with the image already attached.

  • Ability to request your cloud account & data to be deleted, right from MoneyWiz (Settings / and then select your account at the top)

  • Bug fixes


  • iPad/Mac only - you can now use SHIFT and CMD keys to select multiple transactions while in table view mode. If you select one transaction, then press and hold SHIFT and select another transaction, then all transactions between them will also be selected. If you press & hold the CMD key, then any transaction you select while holding the CMD key will be selected without losing the selection of the previously selected transactions.

  • iPad/Mac only - to save a transaction you can use CMD + S. We've now added a keyboard shortcut CMD+Shift+S which saves the transaction and opens the new transaction window immediately after.

  • Bug fixes


  • Bug fixes & stability improvements


  • Mac/iPad app has a new keyboard shortcut - CMD+SHIFT+C, opens the change category screen for the selected transaction

  • Pie chart shows total in the middle of the donut

  • More improvements to Reconcile mode based on feedback

  • Lots of bug fixes and small improvements


  • Improvements to reconcile mode

  • Fixed several popular crashes

  • Fixed issue with attaching picture from camera

  • Fixed several minor issues with editing saved reports

  • Other bug fixes and stability improvements


  • Each transaction in reports will show account name and currency (iPad & Mac only)

  • Cash in investment accounts is now visible at the end of the list of holdings

  • Ability to edit saved reports and a redesigned report generation screen

  • For stocks and mutual funds, Today's change calculation will be now utilize today's market open price

  • Fixed several issues related investments calculations

  • Fixed issues with reconcile

  • Other bug fixes


  • Just bug fixes


  • New Feature: 2 finger multi select on iOS during bulk edit. Note: you need to re-tap if you want to select transactions from multiple months.

  • New Feature: Show and hide side bar from the top menu on Mac OS

  • Fixed: Forecast report doesn't generate when there are accounts in currencies different than the default currency or investment accounts. Sometimes it crashes.

  • Fixed: Rates of holdings on exchanges outside of US are updating sporadically, because the regular updates are not working.


  • Fixed crash on spreadsheet profit & loss report with Expand All

  • Fixed bug with damaging the sign of category assignments during auto-skip

  • More reliable stock prices in international markets - now through TwelveData

  • CMD+N to open new transaction (on iPad & Mac)

  • Allow changing the description of holding through "Set symbol alias". New alias may also change the description.

  • Resizing the Settings and Import windows on Mac


  • The Profit & Loss report gets an additional setting - "Breakdown by". If you choose "None" it will be the same P&L report you've had before. You can choose Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly, so get a spreadsheet of your P&L for the specified period and breakdown setting.

  • The new Holding Details view (for investment & forex/crypto accounts) will now color the price chart according to the opening/closing price difference in your specific region.

  • Reports that include multiple currencies will now consider the currencies' historical rates and not just today's rate

  • Several bug fixes and minor improvements


  • New and enriched view for holding details in investment and forex accounts. Just tap on a holding to open it and see additional information for just that holding. We'll be adding more information to that view in the future, such as analyst price predictions, news etc.

  • You can now configure MoneyWiz to not import payee information from online banking. You can do so in Settings / Online Banking for all new connections or individually for each existing account when you edit the account.

  • Transactions coming from Plaid for oAuth banks will now have a time too, not just date. (this feature depends on whether Plaid & the specific bank supports timestamps, so it will work for some banks but not all)

  • You can now make transfer transactions using URL schemas with "moneywiz://transfer". For additional information and examples, please check our documentation here.

  • Significant performance improvements for investment accounts (drawing charts, loading time etc)

  • Bug fixes and various minor visual improvements


  • New report - Compare balances over time as a stacked bar chart

  • New column in list of transactions in Accounts with name Budgets showing which budget(s) a transaction is allocated to

  • Fixed bug with balance over time for investments

  • Added handling of time in more CSV date formats

  • Disabled scrolling to transaction when transaction was changed, but kept the highlighting

  • Fixed issue with importing some investment transactions from Plaid

  • Fixed overlapping for texts on pie charts


  • Significant performance improvements when generating graph reports

  • We've fixed the issue related to investment accounts and historical prices of holdings in them

  • Fixed a crash related to converting transactions to a refund

  • Various other bug fixes


  • Fixed issue where automatic backups were not created

  • Total return on statistics card for investment accounts now includes dividends

  • Account balance over time report now considers changing exchange rates

  • Filter by tag in Profit & Loss report

  • Bug fixes


  • When you edit or reconcile a transaction, MoneyWiz will now highlight it in the list of transactions for 5 seconds, so you can easily visualize which transaction from the list was edited/reconciled

  • Ability to disable import of Payees for accounts connected to online banking (can be configured per account, when you edit the account, and for all new connections in Settings / Online Banking).

  • For investment accounts, you can now enable a new column in the spreadsheet view for transactions - "Cumulative shares". It works like a running balance for shares.

  • Bug fixes


  • Ability to sort transactions by reconcile status, attachments, account, and more.

  • On iPad & Mac you can now navigate the date/time field (when using the keyboard) using OPTION + TAB

  • Bug fixes


  • When a group of budgets is collapsed, if at least one of the budgets is overspent, the group will also display the alert badge.

  • Settings window size is now bigger on iPad/Mac

  • For Plaid connected investment accounts - a dividend reinvestment will now import as 2 transactions - one income and one buy.

  • Various bug fixes


  • Significant performance improvements

  • Bug fixes


  • Ability to set statement close date for credit cards (by editing a credit card account, in the Advanced tab)

  • Ability to see transactions in credit cards grouped by statement period (you can enable it in Settings / List of Transactions)

  • Ability to update holding prices via URL Schemas (see how)

  • MoneyWiz 2021 is now renamed to MoneyWiz 2022 (same app, just updated name)

  • Bug fixes, performance and stability improvements


  • Widgets! All the iOS widgets are now available on the Mac app too :)

  • For investment accounts, you can now click on the amount button of a holding to select what type of information you want to see - Last price, Today's % change, Today's return, Your equity, Total return, Total % change.

  • Bug fixes & improvements


  • Spreadsheet reports can now show you the transactions that make up a number. Just tap on the number to see them.

  • Cashflow reports will now show totals and averages

  • Ability to see past payments of scheduled transactions

  • New scheduling options - Penultimate and Antepenultimate

  • Lots of bug fixes & small improvements - we're focusing on smoothing out any reported issues over the next few weeks


  • Added an option to select every 4th week of the month for scheduled transactions with custom schedule

  • Introduced support for importing TSV files

  • Introduced import handling for files exported from YNAB

  • Category breakdown reports now list parent categories and chart can be drilled down into

  • Categories, Payees and Tags with 0 transactions will show their badge in settings in red

  • Bug fixes


  • Advanced scheduling - you can now set custom scheduling rules for scheduled transactions, such as what to do if it falls on a weekend etc.

  • For bar chart reports, MoneyWiz will now display an average amount for a given period.

  • Bug fixes and stability improvements


  • New report - summary breakdown. The report plots your accounts balances on a pie chart.

  • New report options for payees based reports
    - No payee groups all transactions with no payee
    - Transfer - groups your transfers that don’t have assigned payee

  • The same options are now available for Tags based reports, too

  • Bug fixes


  • Ability to configure how amounts will be colored. Offering options for Western Style, Eastern Style, Mixed or Monochrome. You can configure this in Settings / List of Transactions.

  • Categories reports will now include transfers

  • For US customers only - ability to disable bill negotiation suggestions via Settings / Notifications.

  • Ability to attach & view multi-page PDF files to transactions. Opening them will now happen in the native PDF viewer for smooth experience.

  • Ability to edit the cleared/pending status of a transaction directly in the New Transaction and Edit Transaction screens. To enable this you need to go to Settings / New Transactions Screen and enable the "Status' field.

  • Automatic local backups in a folder of your choosing. To enable this go to Settings and scroll down to the bottom to find the new menu - "Backup".

  • For accounts connected via Plaid, MoneyWiz will now read & save check numbers when provided by Plaid and your bank.

  • Bug fixes


  • iCloud receipts sync - you can enable it by going to Settings then tap on your account at the top of the screen and locate the "Receipts sync" button.

  • Quickly see how many transactions you have for each category, payee or tag via Settings. Tapping on the shown number opens up the list of actual transactions for that category, payee or tag.

  • Positive running balance will now display in green

  • For accounts connected to online banking, if you tap on the "new" label of a transaction, the transaction will no longer be marked as new (otherwise it will automatically be un-marked next time you open MoneyWiz).

  • For customers in China and Japan, the green/red coloring of amounts is reversed (green for expense, red for income), as requested.

  • Bug fixes


  • New Settings menu - "List of Transactions". Configure the appearance & behavior of the list of transactions.

  • Ability to include transfers transactions in the calculation you see for balance/total income/total expense per period, in each account. You can enable/disable this in Settings / List of Transactions.

  • Ability to filter transactions by individual status - cleared, pending, upcoming. For instance if you only want to see pending transactions - now you can. Just go to any account and tap the filters button in the search bar

  • Removed Settings button from the bottom navigation bar and moved it to the top bar.

  • In the list of Accounts you will now see a new small info widget - "Today". This will show you how much your net worth changed today, including all types of transactions and investments price movements.

  • In the list of Budgets you will now see a new small info widget - "Daily allowance" which will show you your total daily allowed spending for all budgets combined.

  • Ability to enable/disable "Pre/post market updates" for investment accounts. This feature is only available for USD based investment accounts for customers on the Premium subscription. Customers on the Standard subscription or the free version will not be able to enable pre/post market hours price updates.

  • BillShark integration, available for US based customers. MoneyWiz will compare your scheduled transactions's payees against a locally stored list of supported merchants and if it finds a match it will offer you the option to negotiate that bill down, via BillShark. We don't share any information with BillShark unless you decide to use their bill negotiation service via MoneyWiz. If you decide to use it, we will only share the payee name and your email.

  • When you edit a pending transaction that came from online banking, the transaction will now remain pending even after your edit.

  • Added 2 new periods for the investment accounts charts - 2Y and 5Y.

  • In the accounts section, tap & hold (on Mac - right click) on the net worth at top, to show/hide your net worth and the mini info cards (liabilities, cash and today's net worth change)

  • Push notifications should now lead to the appropriate place in MoneyWiz

  • Minor visual improvements to both MoneyWiz and its widgets

  • Bug fixes


  • New data provider for stocks/ETF information (, including international markets. Stocks downloading should now be a lot faster. For any tickers where TwelveData doesn't have information, we'll still fall back on Yahoo Finance.

  • Pre-market and after-hours prices will now update for most US stocks

  • New widget - Net Worth, in medium size

  • During bulk edit, the selected items will be highlighted

  • MoneyWiz will now start a bit faster (i.e. performance improvements)

  • The IDR currency (Indian Rupee) is now enabled for 2 digits after the decimal, as requested.

  • Bug fixes


  • Bug fixes & stability improvements


  • 2 new widgets - Budget Balance (small) and Budget Balance (medium)

  • Visual improvements to the Account balance widget

  • Increased the number of decimal places allowed in the "Change number of shares" screen

  • In table mode, the dot indicating if a transaction is cleared/pending/forecasted now has different shape and color according to the transaction status, so that people with color blindness can tell the statuses apart

  • Bug fixes


  • 3 new widgets - New Transaction (medium), Account Balance (small), Account Balance (medium)

  • See YTD and Total commissions paid in the Statistics info card for investment accounts

  • New Settings menu - Notifications.

  • Enable/disable notifications for new transactions (for accounts that auto-sync with your bank) in Settings / Notifications. Enabled by default.

  • Enable/disable daily reminder to enter your transactions + set at what time you should get it, in Settings / Notifications. Enabled and set to 6:00pm (18:00h) by default.

  • Visual improvements for some reports - you will now see the category icon for category reports, the account icon for account based reports and the budget icon for budget based reports.

  • Push notifications will now lead you to the appropriate place in MoneyWiz after you tap on them.

  • Bug fixes


  • Just bug fixes in this one. More new features will start rolling in a couple of weeks.


  • Redesign of top bars in Accounts, Budgets and Scheduled sections on iPhone

  • Redesign of the side bar & navigation on iPad and macOS

  • See total liabilities and cash next to the Net Worth (in Accounts section)

  • Category icons are now searchable in all supported languages

  • New iOS 14 widgets: Recent Transactions, Upcoming Transactions (scheduled transactions)

  • Improved Net Worth widget visuals. The chart will also properly reflect if the net worth fluctuates between negative and positive values over time.

  • All category icons have been replaced with a more contemporary version

  • Over 100 new category icons

  • Automatic budgets suggestions - if you don't have any budgets, MoneyWiz will now allow you to setup your budgets automatically. MoneyWiz will calculate your average spending per category over the past year and will automatically group the budgets.

  • Improvements to the Account Balance and Net Worth reports - they will now properly reflect currency fluctuations as well as price movements if investments/crypto are included.

  • Performance improvements, bug fixes and various visual improvements


  • First iOS 14 widget - Net Worth. More widgets to come in the new few weeks.

  • Portfolio Balance info card with a graph chart for investment/forex accounts. To enable it go to your investment account, navigate to the Portfolio tab and then swipe the info cards all the way to the end, tap Customize Cards and enable it.

  • Account balance and Net Worth reports will now consider price movements of investment holdings, and will display proper balance/NetWorth according to what holdings you've had at any given date and at what price were they trading at market close.

  • Pie chart reports will now show the amount in each slice (previously they only showed the name of whatever is in the slice)

  • When your transactions are not sorted by date, we will no longer display running balance as running balance only makes sense in sorting by date

  • When you enter reconcile mode, the list of transaction will no longer scroll to the top

  • Improved handling of swipe down to refresh (for investment and online banking accounts). The refresh spinner will now show until the refresh is actually complete.

  • Bug fixes and minor visual improvements


  • Customizable info cards for investment and FOREX accounts. New info cards added - Asset Class breakdown (piechart) and Statistics. Added statistics about YTD and last year realized gains.

  • Budgets can now either use an icon (as before) or an emoji instead. Just edit your budgets to select an emoji if you prefer that.

  • Improved support for WeChat and AliPay imports

  • iPhone only - replaced the refresh button for investment, forex and bank-connected accounts to be the native pull-down gesture.

  • The table view (iPad & Mac only) now has a currency column

  • Improved list of transactions for investment accounts. Buy/sell transactions will be marked more clearly and will also show the price per share.

  • Much improved speed for Net Worth report

  • Bug fixes


  • Ability to import files from WeChat and AliPay

  • Visual improvements to the list of accounts, budgets and transactions

  • Minor bug fixes


  • Redesigned budgets screen. The new design is less color intensive and fits more budgets on the same screen, making it easier to compare budgets progress.

  • Budgets amounts (in the list of budgets) will now be rounded and displayed without the cents, to make the list more readable. To see the amount with the cents just open the budget.

  • Improvements to transactions list - the pending/new/forecasted status will now display in a 'tag' like label next to the date. Also, you will now see such a label if a transaction has attachments. Tapping on it shows the attached image(s). To change the status of a transaction between cleared/pending you can tap on its icon or the 'pending' label (to clear it).

  • Bug fixes and some minor visual improvements


  • Ability to set an account icon from custom URL to an image (via account Edit)

  • Minor visual improvements to the list of accounts

  • Bug fixes


  • Rich account icons - if your accounts are connected to online banking, MoneyWiz will attempt to automatically download the bank logo and display it. If they are not connected, you can edit the account and set an icon using the bank's website.

  • Notifications for new transactions (for accounts connected to online banking)

  • Local backups will now include a timestamp in the file name

  • When generating a payees or categories report, the payees or categories that are 0 will no longer be displayed

  • In table view, when looking at a group of accounts, we'll now display an Account column

  • Bug fixes & minor visual improvements


  • All pie charts have now been replaced with the new charting library

  • Improvements to reconcile mode - ability to filter reconciled/unreconciled transactions even in simple reconcile mode

  • Updated Plaid integration to handle OAuth banks

  • Minor visual improvements

  • Bug fixes


  • Ability to change the font size via Settings

  • All bar chart reports are now using the new charting library

  • Redesigned UI for list of accounts, budgets and saved reports. The new UI is less color intensive to allow for rich account/budgets icons (coming soon)

  • In the list of accounts, we'll now use 3 colors to indicate account balances - green for positive, red for negative and gray/white for 0

  • Yodlee connected accounts with MFA/2FA will now allow auto-fill of one-time codes sent over text/SMS. Mac users, please remember to enable iMessages forwarding.

  • For online banking accounts, MoneyWiz will now display both the dates when MoneyWiz last asked the provider for new transactions and the date when the provider last fetched them

  • Groups consisting of credit cards only will now display total credit utilization over total credit limit

  • Improved handling of derivatives (options, bonds, warrants) and crypto-currency holdings for accounts connected to an institution

  • You can now drag your finger left/right on graph charts in reports, to quickly change the highlighted date

  • Bug fixes and some minor visual improvements


  • All graph charts in reports are now replaced with the new charting library (that affects the Net Worth and Balance over Time reports)

  • The Budgets section will now show overspent amount by displaying negative remaining amounts (previously, the Remaining amount would be 0 if you've overspent)

  • On iPhone only, in the list of transactions we'll now display one more field of information for each transaction, in brackets.

  • Improved support for Apple Card CSV import

  • On Mac only: Added a "File" menu in the menu bar on top of the screen. In that menu you can now create accounts, budgets, groups or initiate import, import from clipboard, export database and export to PDF/CSV.

  • The calendar in Scheduled will now show past transactions in grey color (if you've enabled showing transaction amounts in the calendar)

  • Bug fixes


  • See balance, expenses & income for pending, forecasted and cleared transactions by month, in the list of transactions.

  • See total expenses & income for search results (when searching transactions)

  • Search box in the list of accounts when you are selecting an account for new transactions, budgets, etc.

  • Ability to search transactions in investment/forex accounts by ticker/symbol

  • Ability to set multiple transactions as reconciled/not reconciled via bulk edit

  • For holdings in investment accounts, marked as Option, Derivative or Warrant, we’ll now display the icon of the underlying asset (if available)

  • Ability to easily reset filters & sort (reset button only shows up when filters & sort are not set to default)

  • Ability to bulk edit transactions via the Budgets section

  • Bug fixes and minor visual improvements


  • Improved performance when importing large files (QIF, OFX, CSV, MT940)

  • Additional swipe buttons in investment holdings

  • Ability to change online banking provider directly from the New Account screen

  • Visual Improvements
    - We've replaced the checkmark button in all navigation bars with a textual label, for better accessibility
    - Redesigned Reports section's first screen (where you choose the report type)
    - Redesigned Theme picker in Settings

  • Bug fixes


  • Pie chart in investment accounts - showing the portfolio allocation (%) by holding.

  • Holdings in investment accounts will now show the name/description of each holding next to the ticker/symbol.

  • Bar chart in each budget, showing the budget's performance in the past (Budgeted vs Used).

  • The numerical keyboard used for entering amounts has been redesigned to allow for quickly switching between a calculator keyboard and simple keyboard.

  • Transactions imported from a file (CSV, QIF, OFX etc) will now be marked with a "New" label, just like transactions imported from online banking. The label will disappear after you've opened the account in which the transactions are, next time you restart MoneyWiz.

  • Ability to auto-detect transfer transactions even for file imports (from CSV, QIF, OFX etc). You will be asked if you want MoneyWiz to detect transfers at the end of the import process.

  • You can now duplicate a transaction with keyboard shortcut - CMD + D.

  • Completely redesigned Settings / Transaction Layout screen.

  • Improved app loading time

  • Bug fixes and some visual improvements


  • Improvements to Investment & Forex accounts:
    - In the investment/forex account screen, we've removed the Chart tab and made the chart to be on top of the holdings. We've also added a breakdown about cash value, holdings value, total value and % GL for the account.
    - We've replaced the charting library we've previously used for investment & forex accounts with a new library that we'll soon start using for reports too
    - In the list of accounts, investment & forex accounts will now show total GL % for the account

  • When you reconcile (via reconcile mode) a pending transaction, it will now automatically clear.

  • Performance & visual improvements to the create transaction screen

  • Bug fixes


  • Unlock MoneyWiz for Mac with your Apple Watch (can be configured in Settings / Security)

  • When un-reconciling a transaction, MoneyWiz will now ask you to confirm, to avoid accidents

  • Over 30 bug fixes & various minor improvements


  • Advanced reconcile - when you are in reconcile mode you can now tap the arrow down to switch to advanced reconcile mode (with statement opening and closing balance and dates)

  • Improvements in the Holdings tab of Investment accounts - swipe actions as well as contextual menus (when you tap & hold). +/- were also replaced with arrow up/down.

  • Ability to create scheduled transactions with 0 amount, when auto-pay is set to On

  • For the date field in transaction entry, if the date is not today, a Today button will appear so you can quickly set today's date

  • CMD + Up/Down (on iPad/Mac) now scrolls the transactions list to the top/bottom

  • Changed the way budget transfers work to facilitate envelope budgeting. Transfers between two expense budgets affect their "Budgeted" values, transfers between two income budgets affect their "Saved" values, transfers from expense to income budgets affect their affect their "Budgeted" and "Saved" values respectively, while transfers from income to expense budgets affect their "Saved" and "Budgeted" values, respectively.

  • "Saved" value in income budgets and "Used" value in expense budgets now can go negative.

  • Bug fixes


  • Bulk actions - in bulk edit mode, you can now tap on the Bulk Actions title in the middle, for additional bulk actions, such as Set as Cleared and Set as Pending

  • See the scheduled transactions amount in each calendar cell in the Scheduled section (can be disabled via the filters button)

  • For accounts connected to online banking, MoneyWiz will now automatically detect refunds (can be enabled in Settings / Online banking)

  • For accounts connected to online banking, the button to add a transaction manually has been moved from the options menu to the bottom of the screen (where it is for non-connected accounts) so you save 1 tap when inputting transactions manually

  • For iPad/Mac you can now enter Emojis in the description & payee fields

  • Support for currency in URL schemas

  • QIF file import would now work with investment accounts and investment transactions as well, including adding the proper holdings

  • If you have crypto pairs in an investment account, marked as holding type Currency (as opposed to holdings in Forex/Crypto account), such as BTC-USD, ETH-EUR etc, MoneyWiz will now recognize these as crypto pairs and display the appropriate cryptocurrency logo

  • New column in the table view (on iPad/Mac) - transaction type. This column would give you a visual representation (in the form of an icon) about the type of the transaction (expense, income, transfer etc).

  • When using the table view mode (on iPad/Mac), the backspace/delete key will now delete the selected transaction

  • Keyboard shortcuts improvements in Settings

  • Visual improvements (shadow effect on some cards, like in Settings, account creation etc, increased contrast in places, and others)

  • Bug fixes & some performance improvements


  • This week we'll be focusing mostly on bug fixes and stability improvements

  • You can now enter transactions with 0 amount (if needed to use as a note/marker to enter the amount later in the future)

  • Small visual improvements in Settings and other parts of MoneyWiz

  • Significant performance improvements for customers using online banking - MoneyWiz will now trigger less cloud sync refreshes after a bank account refresh


  • MoneyWiz 2020 is now called MoneyWiz 2021

  • Completely redesigned transaction entry experience for iPad and Mac. In the new experience we’ve removed the pop-up auto-completes which were slow, and instead integrated this functionality directly into the transaction entry view, with full keyboard support.

  • Ability to do bulk edit in investment/forex accounts

  • Ability to select/deselect all transactions during bulk edit

  • Ability to search transactions by date

  • In the list of accounts, you will now see the number of newly downloaded transactions for each account connected to a bank

  • When transactions from online banking are imported, their description will now be normalized in terms of letter capitalization. MoneyWiz will follow the rule set about capitalization of Description fields set in Settings / Transactions Layout / Custom.

  • Redesigned onboarding and ability to sign up with email

  • Visual improvements in account creation, budget creation, transaction creation, bulk edit bar and reconcile bar as well as other areas of MoneyWiz

  • Some performance improvements

  • Bug fixes


  • Ability to export transactions to a CSV file directly from the transactions view (will take into accounts filters, search etc). To do so go to any account, group of accounts or all transactions view, click on the options button in the top right corner and you'll find the Export CSV option there.

  • Handling of SaltEdge error Provider Disabled - if a provider is disabled, MoneyWiz will now automatically disconnect the account so you can easily re-connect it (which usually solves the issue, as providers usually get disabled when they get a new connection flow due to legal changes)

  • Bug fixes


  • Ability to see the expense & income amounts separately in table view mode (it's an additional column that you can enable in the table view)

  • Redesigned account creation UI

  • When deleting an account which has transfer transactions in it, you can now choose to keep the other accounts' balances intact by automatically converting those transfers to income/expense transactions to that the other accounts won't be affected by their deletion

  • When a budget is exceeded it will now show a badge with exclamation mark in its icon, so you can easily see which budgets are exhausted

  • MoneyWiz will now automatically update the credit limit on credit cards connected to your bank

  • The last updated time stamp for online banking accounts and investment/forex accounts is now displayed prominently so you don't need to scroll up to see it

  • Bug fixes


  • Automatic detection of transfer transactions between online banking accounts. For now it's disabled by default until we make sure that it works properly for everyone. You can enable it and MoneyWiz will start detecting transfers from then on. To enable it go to Settings / Online Banking.

  • Ability to set whether transactions should be grouped by status or not. Previously they were grouped by status (cleared/pending/forecast), now, if your sort is Date Desc (the default one) you can turn off the grouping so that the transactions would be ordered at the appropriate date regardless of their cleared/pending status. To access this feature just tap the filter button in the search bar (while browsing account's transactions).

  • Demo mode - for new customers, you can now run MoneyWiz in demo mode. In this case MoneyWiz will generate some sample data so you can explore MoneyWiz before deciding if you want to sign up or not.

  • Bug fixes


  • Ability to group, rename, reorder and easily delete saved reports

  • See how many transactions use a specific payee or a tag in Settings / Payees and Settings / Tags (the number is listed on the right hand side next to each payee or tag)

  • See the date of the last transaction for each archived account (in Settings / Archived accounts) so you can easily determine the age of the account

  • Transaction entry experience with a physical keyboard should now be smooth! If not, please let us know.

  • Improvements to browsing attached files including the option to access file actions (like Airdrop, share, preview etc)

  • The first screen for account creation (when you press the "New account" button) has been modified for consistency with the onboarding experience

  • The popup to choose budgets in the reports section has been replaced with one that shows the budgets in the same manner that you see them in the list of budgets

  • Added a shortcut to connect to online banking from the account options button

  • In the transaction entry screen, when you tap the "Show all" button to expand additional fields, the button now goes to the bottom instead of staying in the middle of the transaction entry screen

  • MoneyWiz can now open & import .sta files (MT940 format extension)

  • Opening & closing account groups will now keep its state locally without syncing the state from other devices

  • Performance improvements in the transaction entry screen

  • Implemented handling of connections to banks in the European Union needing to be re-created post-Brexit on Jan 1 2021 (only Open Banking connections will be affected)

  • Redesigned budget creation screen

  • Replaced the bank search screen for data aggregator SaltEdge Partner with a web based one to assure up-to-date accurate list of banks

  • Lots of bug fixes and minor visual improvements


  • Sorting of transactions in both list view and table view (sort by almost any property/column)

  • Bulk merge and delete categories, payees and tags via Settings

  • Option to sort categories alphabetically or use a custom sort (which was the default up until now) - via Settings / Categories

  • Quick import - after you select the file to import, you no longer need to go through the entire import process. You can select quick import when asked and MoneyWiz will import it with default settings (as if you go through the process without changing anything)

  • Ability to create accounts during import - especially useful if you are setting up new accounts from other software and don't want to create them in MoneyWiz before you can import the data into them

  • Sub-categories search in transactions list... you can type "Home > Other" for example to search only for transactions in that specific sub-category

  • In the Scheduled section you will now see both scheduled expenses and scheduled incomes in the top bar

  • Attachments column in table view is now available

  • Transfer transactions can now have separate send and receive dates

  • Improvements to transaction entry experience using a keyboard (more to come next week)

  • Keyboard navigation between app sections has been changed to be ⌘ cmd + 1 for All Transactions, ⌘ cmd + 2 for Accounts, ⌘ cmd + 3 for Budgets etc.

  • The icons for transactions & budgets are now squares (with round edges) as opposed to circles as it was before

  • Bug fixes


  • Invite someone to share your MoneyWiz data with, via Settings / Cloud (where you manage your cloud account)

  • Ability to edit the date of transactions in bulk edit mode

  • Ability to show Memo and Check # columns in table mode

  • Alternating row colors in table mode

  • Mac only: To edit a transaction in table view, now you have to double click (as opposed to before when it was a single click). Single click selects it.

  • Search bar in Settings - Categories, Payees, Tags and Archived accounts

  • Update balance on each refresh - a new account setting for accounts connected to your bank (set per account, by default off for existing connections). If this setting is ON, then MoneyWiz will read the balance as provided by your bank and modify the opening balance of the account to make sure that the end balance matches that provided by your bank. If this setting is OFF, then MoneyWiz will only read the bank's balance during the initial import, and will calculate it based on the new transactions. That may lead to balance discrepancies, which could be an indicator of missing transactions.

  • Bug fixes


This update introduces Table view mode on iPad and Mac. To switch between table view and list view for transactions, use the button on the left side of the search bar.

The table view is available for both Accounts and Budgets sections, and works for all account types. It also works in All Transactions view. The following features are available:

  • Resize columns - drag in between two table view headers

  • Reorder columns - drag from the middle of a table view header and move left/right

  • Show/hide columns - right click the table view header

  • Keyboard shortcuts (arrow up/down, ENTER to edit)

  • Right click on a row for transaction actions (such as duplicate, set as cleared/pending, edit etc)

  • Bulk edit & reconcile

Also in this update:

  • Calculator shortcuts - you can now use the keyboard in the calculator available in via the sidebar. Also CMD+C will copy the amount

  • Bug fixes


This update brings various bug fixes and small improvements while we're working on the next big feature - spreadsheet mode on iPad/Mac (coming in a couple of weeks).

This update also adds support for "memo" field in URL schema support, as well as "Set as cleared/pending" action on contextual menus of transactions (when you tap & hold a transaction on iOS or right click with your mouse on macOS).


  • Dynamic Text Sizing - MoneyWiz will now take into account your device's preference for text sizing and will resize all texts accordingly. Due to how this feature is implemented, we also had to replace all existing fonts in MoneyWiz with new ones, so don't be surprised by the change. Let us know if something doesn't look right so we can correct it on the next update.

  • New design of the transaction entry screen - all fields are now left aligned, with an icon

  • Ability to set whether account's balance should be included into the Group balance (if the account is grouped). Set to "Yes" by default, you can change that by editing the account and going into its Extended settings tab.

  • See total budgeted, used and remaining amount in the budgets section sidebar on iPad and Mac

  • iPad pointer interactions - if you use MoneyWiz on an iPad with a mouse or touch pad, hovering over any button will now create beautiful visual effect

  • Redesigned top bar on iPad and Mac

  • Various minor UI & UX improvements throughout the app

  • Performance improvements

  • Over 20 bug fixes


  • Date picker is now replaced with the native date picker. To match the fonts throughout with the native date picker's font (non customizable), we've changed the fonts in transaction/budget/account creation/edit screens.

  • Import from clipboard (via Settings)

  • URL Schemas support

  • Significant performance improvements

  • UI Improvements

  • Fixed scaling on macOS Big Sur

  • macOS version now shows up with native controls

  • Over 30 bug fixes


  • Spotlight indexing (enabled by default). You can now search & see the balances of your accounts, account groups, budgets and budget groups in Spotlight. You can disable it in Settings.

  • Background app refresh (for both sync between devices and bank sync).

  • Ability to disable vibration feedback in Settings.

  • Improved notifications handling.

  • When duplicating a transaction, the amount field now has a "clear" button to delete the amount at once so you can quickly enter a new one.

  • Fixed an issue where saved reports will not be shown.

  • Fixed an issue where bonds would show up with wrong total value.

  • Other bug fixes & small improvements.


  • Ability to do bulk edit in combination of filters & search.

  • Ability to do bulk edit from All Transactions view.

  • Ability to change the date during bulk edit.

  • Huge performance improvement while scrolling the list of transactions on iPad and Mac.

  • More bug fixes.


  • Bulk edit transactions (go to the account where they are and tap the options button in the top right corner to find the Bulk edit option).

  • Built-in support - you can now access support chat, support articles and systems status info via MoneyWiz itself.

  • Fixed a bug where you can't attach images from the camera.



  • MoneyWiz now supports Sign in with Apple.

  • Keyboard shortcuts to navigate the app, list of transactions, transaction fields etc. on iPad.

  • iCloud Keychain sync of your sync credentials so that after the first time you enter them, you won't need to enter them again on other devices or after reinstall.

  • In the list of buy/sell transactions for investment accounts, you can now see how many shares were bought/sold without going to the details view.

  • For customers in China & Japan (according to device regional settings), the colors for profit/loss of investment holdings are now reversed (red for profit, green for loss, as requested).

  • Redesigned onboarding - much simpler and no more re-captcha!

  • Bug fixes.


  • MoneyWiz now supports Sign in with Apple.

  • Keyboard shortcuts to navigate the app, list of transactions, transaction fields etc. 

  • Redesigned menu bar.

  • Improved appearance of the title bar & app window overall.

  • iCloud Keychain sync of your sync credentials so that after the first time you enter them, you won't need to enter them again on other devices or after reinstall.

  • In the list of buy/sell transactions for investment accounts, you can now see how many shares were bought/sold without going to the details view.

  • For customers in China & Japan (according to device regional settings), the colors for profit/loss of investment holdings are now reversed (red for profit, green for loss, as requested).

  • Redesigned onboarding - much simpler and no more re-captcha!

  • Bug fixes.


  • Ability to change the number of shares of an investment holding, without creating new trade (buy/sell) transactions. Useful for stock splits. Just tap on the holding, select Options and select "Change number of shares".

  • Various colors related fixes & improvements - the green was made a bit lighter, equalized everywhere in the app and the alternative app icons now match the group/category colors.

  • If you have "Enable +/- sign of transactions" set to On in Settings, the transactions amounts will now show in black color as opposed to red/green. If you disable that option, the transaction amounts will again show in green/red.

  • We're renaming SYNCbits to "MoneyWiz Cloud".

  • Improvements to keyboard shortcuts (for iPad). Many more coming in the next week or so.

  • Fixes issues that customers using CJK letters had.

  • Various bug fixes and visual improvements.


  • Introducing the ability to archive accounts.

  • Also introduced budget indicators for budget totals.

  • We've made it possible to add PDF attachments and introduced other image receipts improvements.

  • Some other minor features and bug fixes.


  • Introducing new subscription - MoneyWiz Standard Subscription - much cheaper than the Premium subscription and perfect if you don't use or need online banking (it enables SYNCbits and everything else on all devices).

  • Fixed Mac app icon size (it was huge, now it's in line with others).

  • Rollover for income budgets is now possible (edit existing income budgets to enable it).

  • Credit utilization progress now displayed in credit card accounts (inside the account, not in the list of accounts).

  • Added new possible color for accounts & budgets groups - white (renders as black on dark backgrounds such as dark mode or on iPad/macOS).

  • Default group color for accounts is now blue, unless you manually change it.

  • Fixed bug where connections via Plaid would erroneously say that this bank is currently not working. If you got one of these please try again. This time if you get it, it's for real :)

  • All translations are now in except for the Italian one. Will release another update in a few days as soon as we have that one too.

  • Lots of other bug fixes.

Initial release of MoneyWiz 2020 (compared to MoneyWiz 3)

  • Income budgets / Goals - Create goals/income budgets and easily see your progress. Just like the regular expense budgets, income budgets can be configured to automatically monitor specific or all categories, tags and accounts. You can also enable rollover and make budget transfers between different types of budgets.

  • Budgets navigation - You can now easily navigate between the periods of a budget.

  • Flexible budget amounts - Customize how the budgeted amount changes over time when needed. You can select to change it just for this period, for the previous or for the next as well as any combination of these 3.

  • Budget groups - Group budgets together and set a color for the group so you can easily find what you need. The group would have its own progress indicator showing you how the the group is performing as a whole.

  • Group colors - Your groups of accounts can now have colors! Edit the group to set a color. Default one is blue. Colors make it much more fun and easy to locate the right group and account.

  • Connect with Plaid - We’ve introduced a new online banking provider for the USA and Canada - Plaid. It looks great and works great!

  • Contextual menus - Tap and hold on any account or group to see a contextual menu with preview of the transactions and quick access to common actions.

  • Swipe actions - New swipe actions for accounts, budgets, transactions and groups. Swipe left to edit, delete or archive. Swipe right to refresh or create a new transaction.

  • Investments logos - For investment accounts, your stock holdings will now display the brand logo of the company.

  • Quickly change the category - Swipe left to quickly change the category of a transaction without opening it in edit mode. For transactions in accounts connected to online banking, MoneyWiz will also ask you if you want to recategorize just this transaction or all transactions from this payee/merchant.

  • Compact layout - In MoneyWiz 2020 we’ve redesigned the layout of the transactions view to fit 20% more transactions vertically. We’ve also reduced the clutter on the transactions screen without reducing the functionality!

  • Settings - We’ve completely redesigned Settings to make it easier to find and do what you need.

  • In app help - Quickly chat with our support without leaving MoneyWiz. Get notified when you receive a response. Also search & see our help guides and check systems status.

  • Haptic feedback - MoneyWiz 2020 for iPhone utilizes the haptic feedback hardware of compatible devices, and makes a variety of small vibrations when you take some common actions. That adds to another dimension of senses and awareness of what’s happening when your fingers are faster than your eyes!

  • Drag & Drop - The iPad and macOS versions support drag & drop of files. Drop a file in the MoneyWiz window to import it. Drop a file on the transaction entry screen to attach it (images & PDF supported!).

  • New icons - In MoneyWiz 2020 we parted ways with the original coin based icon and only left the monogram W (for wiz). We’ve also designed the icon in various colors so you can match it to your other apps by color, if that’s what you want.

  • Faster app, smaller size - We’ve managed to decrease the load time by 70% while making the app’s binary 30% smaller!

  • Extended Keyboard Shortcuts - We’ve completely redesigned the keyboard shortcuts to allow seamless navigation and use of MoneyWiz with just your keyboard. All the major actions can now be done without tapping or clicking.

  • Split screen - MoneyWiz 2020 is optimized to work in split screen mode in any size and orientation!

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