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These are some of the features we have planned for now. More will come of course as MoneyWiz matures over time.


  • We’ll do our best to stick to this roadmap, but we may change it at any time for reasons we can't currently foresee.

  • If we are delayed with something it may affect the timing of the entire roadmap.

  • We do regular bug fixing which sometimes takes longer than expected, which can also alter the timing of when we introduce these new features. We don't list bug fixing on the roadmap.

  • We’ll regularly update the roadmap with new features and remove complete ones.

  • Our development is in Ukraine, in very hard conditions. Please expect delays.

To see what we’ve completed already and when, check the release notes.

Roadmap for 2024

  • Complex split transactions (where you can split income/expense/transfer in one transaction)

  • Automatic detection of bills (to ease the initial creation of scheduled transactions, give you insights for cancelling unneeded subscriptions etc)

  • Asset accounts

  • Introduce a configurable Dashboard

  • Redesign Scheduled transactions to allow mass payments, possible grouping, table view

  • Budgets rebalancing screen

  • Integration with Belvo for better support of banks in Latin America

  • Include location information for transactions

  • Ability to set a specific period of a scheduled transaction to be different amount

  • Rules engine for import (both manual and from online banking)

  • Siri Shortcuts

  • Complete redesign of the Loan accounts to allow for more versatile setups

  • Allow customizing how many fields you see in the list of transactions on iPhone

  • Include budgets into the forecast

  • Ability to Undo transaction entry/deletion/changes

  • Ability to create scheduled investments

  • Checks printing

  • 2FA

  • Receipts scanning & OCR

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