These are some of the features we have planned for now. More will come of course as MoneyWiz matures over time.


  • We’ll do our best to stick to this roadmap, but we may change it at any time for reasons we can't currently foresee.
  • If we are delayed with something it may affect the timing of the entire roadmap.
  • We do regular bug fixing which sometimes takes longer than expected, which can also alter the timing of when we introduce these new features. We don't list bug fixing on the roadmap.
  • We’ll regularly update the roadmap with new features and remove complete ones.

To see what we’ve completed already and when, check the release notes.


  • Advanced reconcile
  • Improve transaction entry experience using a keyboard on Mac/iPad
  • Ability to group, edit and reorder saved reports
  • Ability to automatically detect transfers coming in from online banking
  • Demo mode
  • Complete redesign of Reports - new charts, new reports, new way of using reports. Just pretty much completely new experience while preserving and expanding the current possibilities. [parts of this might be done in 2020 and parts of it in early 2021]

Q1 2021

  • iOS 14 widgets
  • Completely new Apple Watch app
  • Touch Bar integration on Mac
  • iCloud receipts sync
  • Improve file attachments/preview overall experience
  • Completely redesign the account creation process for all account types. Make the creation of loan accounts much more versatile & easier to set up and manage.
  • Introduce asset accounts
  • Introduce a configurable Dashboard
  • Ability to export the visible transactions directly from the transactions view
  • Show the balance of search results (for example you search for “Cat food” and you will see the total of all “Cat food” transactions directly in the search results)
  • Allow emojis to be used for category icons
  • Add investment related reports
  • When you drag & drop a file to import, but you drag&drop it on top of a specific account (or if you are in that account on iPhone), then automatically import it in that account.

After Q1 2021

  • Complex split transactions (where you can split income/expense/transfer in one transaction)
  • Automatic local backups of the MoneyWiz database file
  • Ability to configure swipe actions
  • Drag & drop of transactions to/from list of transactions and scheduled/budgets
  • Redesign Scheduled transactions to allow mass payments, possible grouping, table view
  • Search box for accounts/budgets lists (when creating a transaction and you need to select the account for example)
  • Ability to see/edit the cleared/pending transaction status directly from the transaction creation screen
  • Automatically update the credit limit of online connected credit accounts
  • Allow 0 amount transactions
  • Ability to easily see past payments of a specific scheduled transaction
  • Investment holdings details view - ability to see stock lots as well as transactions associated with given holding only
  • Make the last updated panes for investments & Ob accounts always visible on iPad/Mac
  • Remove the calculator keyboard from transaction layout options and put it as button in the numpad accessory view, to allow easy switching between regular numpad and calculator
  • Ability to set a specific period of a scheduled transaction to be different amount
  • Advanced rules for scheduled transactions (such as every first Monday of the month etc)
  • Rules engine for import (both manual and from online banking)
  • Siri Shortcuts
  • Allow customizing how many fields you see in the list of transactions on iPhone
  • Ability to search transactions by date
  • Investment accounts show show daily change and portfolio total G/L
  • When deleting an account with transfers, offer option to keep the other accounts’ balances intact
  • Download and show proper account logo/icon for online connected accounts, when available
  • Include budgets into the forecast
  • Ability to set custom exchange rates

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