Occasionally there might be a sync glitch, but there's nothing to worry about, they are most of the time very easy to solve. In order to get your devices back in sync, please follow the solutions below, one by one, in order.

Solution A

Start MoneyWiz on one of the devices that contains data that did not sync over and keep it open for at least a minute, without letting the screen go to sleep, closely monitoring the round avatar icon in the top left corner. Please check if there is a green line rotating around the avatar -- if yes, does it spin like this all the time or does it spin for a second or two and then stops for around 10-15 seconds?

  • If it's rotating all the time, please plug the device into a charger, keep MoneyWiz in the foreground and don't let the device go to sleep. Please keep MoneyWiz running like this for 10 minutes for every year of transactions you have in your database. Once you notice that the green line rotates only periodically, please click on the sync avatar in the top-left corner of the screen and check if "Last synced" date/time is current (if you see that the green line still rotates continuously, please keep MoneyWiz running - it means that it's still syncing your data). If yes - please close MoneyWiz on this device, open on a different one and repeat steps from Solution A. If not, please proceed to Solution B.

  • If it's rotating only periodically (rotates for a second or two and then stops for 10-15 seconds), please proceed to Solution B.

Solution B

If the above did not help, please try completely reinstalling MoneyWiz on the device with incorrect data while performing a database backup (instructions for iOS or Android/Mac/other) and then forced sync from device with correct data. Make sure to check the linked articles and carefully follow the instructions as the steps might not always be obvious.

Solution C

If the above did not help, please identify the device with correct and complete data. If none of the devices contain complete and correct data, please manually get one of the devices to display correct data.

Then please perform de-sync outlined here on the device with correct and complete data. Once that is done, please e-mail us asking to re-create your sync account. Please be sure to point us to this article, confirming that you have already tried the steps above in order and arrived at Solution C.

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